CWL Rules Update May 5th

After months of requests and complaining by pro players and fans, Activision/Treyarch has finally decided that it’s time to update the restrictions for competitive matches. Most of the items added have not been used by pros and the biggest problems weren’t addressed. High Caliber, Rapid Fire and Overclock are among the items that are still not banned. The reason behind few bans is that the rules are intended to be as similar as possible to what casual viewers use for an easier transition to watching the CWL. Beginning on May 5th, these rules will be put into play. (* Indicates new item)





Sixth Sense*




Care Package



Hardened Sentry*


Trip Mine*

Shock Charge*


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NA CWL Week 2 Power Rankings

At first glance, it looks like many top teams dropped maps and even wins versus inferior opponents. But in reality, Rise, Optic and a few other teams lost because of lag issues in the game. You can read more about these issues here.

1 (-) 130px-riseRise Nation(3-1) – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
[3-0 C9, 2-3 LG] Rise was looking unstoppable right now. C9 never stood a chance and LG shouldn’t have either but connection issues were a problem with Rise along with other top teams.

2 (-) 130px-opticOptic Gaming(2-2) – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
[1-3 H2K, 3-0 eLv] The loss vs H2K shouldn’t prove much as there was connection issues throughout. Optic will still destroy anyone below them.

3 (-) 130px-faze_clanlogo_squareFaze Clan(3-1) – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
[1-3 dT, 3-0  100T] Faze lost to dT with because of the lag issues.

4(-) 130px-nvTeam Envyus(2-2) – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
[0-3 TSM, 3-1 C9] TSM made nV look like amateurs but they did well against C9.

5(+3130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team(3-1) – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
[3-1  Faze, 3-2 coL] Killa looks like he’s back to World Championship form. The team beat coL with a .87 team K/D so if slaying picks up, dT could stay at the top of the standings.

6(-1130px-elvTeam Elevate(1-3) – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Felony
[0-3 OG, 3-1 coL] Felony performed well in his first match. It might take a few weeks before Elevate really clicks though.

7(+2130px-h2k-gaminglogo_squareH2K(3-1) – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
[3-1 OG, 3-1 TSM] H2K beat Optic with the lag issues and TSM handily without. They started last Stage 3-1 as well but ended up in relegation.

8(-3130px-colComplexity(1-3) – Goonjar, Mirx, Nameless, Ricky
[2-3 dT, 1-3 eLv] Neslo subbed for the first map against elevate but it really made no difference. Col has a lot of problems to work out.

9(-2130px-cloud9logo_squareCloud 9(2-2) – Happy, Havok, LlamaGod, Mochila
[0-3 Rise, 1-3 nV] C9 got pounded by Rise, but who doesn’t these days.

10(+2130px-team_solomidlogo_squareTeam SoloMid(1-3) – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
[3-0 nV, 1-3 H2K] As bad as TSM was last week, they were that good this week. Time will tell what version they really are.

11(+1130px-luminosity_gaming_logoLuminosity(2-2) – Saints, Spacely, Study, TeePee
[3-2 100T, 3-2 Rise] LG barely defeated 100T and beat Rise via lag. There is still a lot to be expected from LG but they haven’t showed anything yet.

12(-2hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(1-3) – Examples, Johnny, Nelson, Royalty
[2-3 LG,0-3 Faze] 100T really needs to figure out CTF an Uplink still. They’re not good enough to have hardpoint and s&d carry them against good teams as proven against Faze.

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Call of Duty World League Lag-Gate

This week’s North American Call of Duty World League matches have been plagued by a pretty brutal bug. Players across many of the top teams have experienced a ‘Connection Interrupted’ glitch where the game thinks the player is losing connection and  will cause stuttering, characters unable to move, and eventual crashing of the game. This has been confirmed by Optic Crimsix as not a connection issue but something wrong with Black Ops III since the most recent patch (1.09) to the game for DLC2 Eclipse on April 18th.

“Formal was getting this ‘connection interrupted thing’ but nothing was wrong with his internet, so it had to be something wrong with the game. He wasn’t dropping frames, OBS was fine, and he ran speed tests and it was fine. Clayster had the same problems in the match before too. “- Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter

Faze Clayster, Optic Formal, Rise Classic and Cloud 9 Havok have all had these issues and all resulted in losses. Three of those loses were upsets as well. Activision/Treyarch have stated that these matches are under review. I’ll update this when more information is available. There are not matches next week because of teams traveling to ESWC so hopefully this issue can be resolved before matches resume on May 10th.


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Rostermania Continues – Elevate signs Felony

After releasing Remy on Monday, Elevate has announced that they have signed Felony to their roster. Formerly of relegated Counter Logic Gaming, Felony was a consistent SMG slayer and should add a more aggressive 4th to an Elevate squad who already has three of the most fast paced and creative players in the league. Felony could be what Elevate needs to stay top four this stage.

Elevate will be playing reigning Stage 1 Champions Optic Gaming tonight at 11pm EDT and Complexity tomorrow at 9pm EDT. Optic will be using Aches as a sub for Formal(Traveling to Optic House) so this could be Elevate’s chance to steal a win against an already injured Optic Gaming.

Source: Elevate

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Who is Rise Nation?


Living the Dream was created in early 2014 by gaming friends Rodger Saffold and Kahreem Horsley to qualify for Call of Duty Championship 2014. The first roster consisted of FEARS, Pacman, Whea7s, and Loony. After placing 5-6th at Call of Duty Championship 2014: US Regional Final, the team changed their name to the current Rise Nation.

At Call of Duty Championship 2014, the team would be placed in Group F with Vitality.Rises, Wizards e-Sports Club and Brazil 5 Stars. They made easy work of these international teams by winning all three series with a map count of 9-2. In WBR1, Rise took down VexX Revenge 3-1 before losing to Trident T1 Dotters in game 5 round 10 in WBR2. In the Loser’s Bracket, Rise would defeat TCM Gaming 3-2 but ultimately fall to Strictly Business 3-1 in LBR3 to be eliminated from the tournament. They took home a 7th Place finish and $35,000.

After Champs, FEARS left the roster and was replaced by Saint. This only lasted for the MLG Championship Anaheim Open Bracket where they placed second and qualified for a spot in MLG CoD League Season 3 Regular Season. Saint was replaced by Attach for the rest of Ghosts.

Despite a weak 13-16th Place finish at UMG Dallas 2014, the team stayed together and managed a 2nd Place finish in MLG CoD League Season 3 Regular Season. Rise Nation rounded out the year with a 4th and a 7-8th Place finish at UMG Nashville 2014 and MLG CoD League Season 3 Playoffs, respectively. Attach and Loony were then released before Advanced Warfare.

Advanced Warfare

Going into the first event, MLG Columbus 2014, Rise picked up Chino and Diabolic. Chino will remain on the team for the rest of the year but he will end up playing with twelve other players total in Advanced Warfare. Two 17-20th finishes resulted in Whea7s moving to Substitute for Sender. A 7-8th Place finish at MLG Pro League Season 1 Playoffs and Whea7s was traded to Automatic Reload for Miyagi who would only be on the team for one event where Rise failed to qualify for Call of Duty Championship 2015. The team only managed two top five finishes for the rest of the year including 2nd Place at MES Detroit 25k , which was a small tournament which most major teams didn’t attend. Rise would drop all four remaining players after they finished 13-16th at MLG World Finals 2015 in October.

Black Ops III

With less than two weeks remaining before the release of Black Ops III, Rise Nation picked up Slacked, Classic, and rising star Octane. Loony also rejoined the team as captain. At Totino’s Invitational 2015, Rise Nation would finally do somethings they’ve been trying to do for nearly two years – win an event. The team defeated both Luminosity Gaming and Team Kaliber 2-1 to set up the first meeting of the year’s top two teams. OpTic Gaming had just come off of a dominating win at MLG World Finals and were looking to continue that trend but Rise had other plans. In game 5 round 11, Slacked held down the B Bomb site with two Annihilator kills and dethroned Optic. This marked the first time a team not name OpTic Gaming or FaZe Clan won a major event since 2014.

Following the win, Rise Nation was invited to the 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Pro Division Qualifying Invitational Tournament where they defeated 3sUP and Team eLevate to claim their spot in 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Regular Season. Two months later at the first LAN since Totino’s, Rise would solidify themselves as a top team as they defeated Luminosity Gaming 4-1 in the UMG South Carolina 2016 Champion Tournament Finals. Over the next four weeks, Rise would finish 2nd Place in two of the four online CWL Challenger Division tournaments. Rise was one of three North American teams invited to ESWC Zénith 2016.

In the 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Regular Season, Rise Nation would finish 2nd Place with a 16-6(54-31) record. In the 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Playoffs Finals, Rise would once again face up against OpTic Gaming. But this time, OpTic would get the best of Rise and take home the championship.

Rise is now in 1st Place and  3-0(9-1) in the 2016 NA CWL Stage 2 Regular Season after defeating TSM and OpTic in week 1 and Cloud 9 in week 2.

note:  This is a bio written by me for the Rise Nation page.


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All ESWC Zénith 2016 Teams Finalized

With Team LDLC invited to ESWC today, all 16 participants have been announced. These teams will be competing for $50,000 in Paris on May 6-8. North American Teams have won all three previous events and an EU hasn’t placed top three since 2014.

usaOptic Gaming – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump – Reigning Champions
usaRise Nation – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked – 2nd Place in NA CWL Stage 1
ukTeam Infused – MarkyB, Peatie, Urban, Zer0 – 1st Place in EU CWL Stage 1
Faze Clan – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma – NA Invite
ukMillenium – Jurd, Madcat, Swanny, Tommey – UK Invite
Team Vitality – Broken, Gotaga, Riskin, Wailers – FR Invite
Pulse Gaming – Getsom, Logan, TonyJ, Veziok – South LAN Event
Wysix eSport – Chucky, Gump, Kero, Kirbyy – Gamers Assembly
Hyper Games – Braaain, Nolson, Qwiker, Zed – Online Qualifier 1
Epsilon eSports – Moose, Reedy, Skrapz, SunnyB – EGO LAN
Supremacy – Malls, Maxxie, Vortex, Zayrox – SFCO LAN
Splyce – Bance, Joe, Joshh, Rated – Online Qualifier 2
Exertus eSports – Carbines, Desire, Dqvee, Vortex – Online Qualifier 3
Killerfish eSport – Cosmo, Hasbroken, Ramba, Shukz – EU Invite
Giants Gaming – Lgend, Methodz, Sammy, Tojor – Online Qualifier 4
Team LDLC- Bran, Niall, Shane, Watson – EU Invite 2


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MLG Announces Anaheim Open

MLG has made it’s triumphant return to the Competitive Call of Duty scene by announcing it’s first event since the MLG World Finals back in October. The 12 NA CWL teams along with 96 amateur teams will fight for $100,000 and 10,000 CWL Pro Points. The double elimination Open Bracket will lead into pool play and a double elimination Championship Bracket. This is the same format that Competitive fans will be used to and have been craving since the last few events have been single elimination. The event will take place from June 10-12th at the Anaheim Convention Center

NA CWL Teams Invited: OpTic Gaming, Rise Nation, FaZe Clan, Luminosity Gaming, Team eLevate, Team EnVyUs, compLexity Gaming, Team SoloMid, H2k-Gaming, Dream Team, Cloud9 and Hundred Thieves.

Source: MLG

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