NA CWL Week 4 Power Rankings

The NA Call of Duty World League Pro Division is back in full swing after a week break for ESWC travels. That break could be the key for slow starting teams to start making their way back up the standings.

1(+1130px-opticOptic Gaming(4-2) – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
[3-0 coL, 3-1 TSM]

2(-1130px-riseRise Nation(4-2) – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
[3-1 Faze, 2-3 dT]

3(+2130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team(5-1) – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
[3-1 100T, 3-1 Rise]

4 (-1130px-faze_clanlogo_squareFaze Clan(4-2) – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
[1-3 Rise, 3-0 nV]

5(+2130px-h2k-gaminglogo_square2H2K(5-1) – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
[3-0 C9, 3-0 LG]

6(-) 130px-elvTeam Elevate(3-3) – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Felony
[3-2 TSM, 3-1 C9]

7(-2130px-nvTeam Envyus(3-3) – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
[0-3 Faze, 3-1 LG]

8(+1130px-cloud9logo_squareCloud 9(2-4) – Happy, Havok, LlamaGod, Mochila
[0-3 H2K, 1-3 eLv]

9(-1130px-complexity_gaminglogo_squareComplexity(1-5) – Goonjar, Mirx, Nameless, Ricky
[0-3 OG, 1-3 100T]

11(+1130px-luminosity_gaming_logoLuminosity(2-4) – Saints, Spacely, Study, TeePee
[0-3 H2K, 1-3 nV]

11(+1) hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(2-4) – Examples, Johnny, Nelson, Royalty
[1-3 dT,3-1 coL]

12(-2130px-team_solomidlogo_squareTeam SoloMid(1-5) – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
[2-3 eLv, 1-3 OG]

*Also expect less articles over the summer. I’ve started a full time job and will have less free time until the and of August.


19 year old college student looking for a way into the esports industry.

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