Call of Duty World League Lag-Gate

This week’s North American Call of Duty World League matches have been plagued by a pretty brutal bug. Players across many of the top teams have experienced a ‘Connection Interrupted’ glitch where the game thinks the player is losing connection and  will cause stuttering, characters unable to move, and eventual crashing of the game. This has been confirmed by Optic Crimsix as not a connection issue but something wrong with Black Ops III since the most recent patch (1.09) to the game for DLC2 Eclipse on April 18th.

“Formal was getting this ‘connection interrupted thing’ but nothing was wrong with his internet, so it had to be something wrong with the game. He wasn’t dropping frames, OBS was fine, and he ran speed tests and it was fine. Clayster had the same problems in the match before too. “- Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter

Faze Clayster, Optic Formal, Rise Classic and Cloud 9 Havok have all had these issues and all resulted in losses. Three of those loses were upsets as well. Activision/Treyarch have stated that these matches are under review. I’ll update this when more information is available. There are not matches next week because of teams traveling to ESWC so hopefully this issue can be resolved before matches resume on May 10th.



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One comment on “Call of Duty World League Lag-Gate
  1. […] and a few other teams lost because of lag issues in the game. You can read more about these issues here. […]


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