NA CWL Pre-Stage 2 Power Rankings

1 – 130px-optic Optic Gaming – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
No surprises here! Optic Gaming is coming off two massive LAN victories and is the undisputed top team in the world after defeating Rise Nation at the NA Stage 1 Finals and winning the Crown Melbourne Invitational by going 8-1 against Tainted Minds and Millenium (Mil 4-0 #1 ANZ team Mindfreak).

2 – 130px-rise Rise Nation – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
After nearly defeating Optic Gaming at Stage 1 Finals and finishing second in the Stage 1 Regular Season(16-6), Rise has earned this number 2 spot. No team changes going into Stage 2 and this team is looking hungry to take the number one position away from Optic in their week one match up(April 21 9PM EDT).

3 – 130px-elv  Team Elevate – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Remy
Elevate began Stage 1 in tenth place after an 0-2 start but slowly rose up to fourth and finished 3rd/4th at Stage 1 Finals. They can beat the teams below them but struggle against Rise, Faze, and Optic(1-5 against these three in Stage 1).

4 –130px-faze_clanlogo_square Faze Clan – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
Despite looking like a top two team early on, Faze ended Stage 1 poorly. With no roster changes, this team could get back to the top of the standings soon. No one is really talking about Faze so they could be a dark horse title contender.

5- 130px-nv Team Envyus – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
With Teepee and Aches leaving the team, Envyus traded two of the top pros of all time with two solid slayers. John will most likely take the objective role. I expect good things and they will quickly move up the rankings.

6 – 130px-colComplexity – Goonjar, Mirx, Nameless, Ricky
I originally had Complexity lower but with the pickup of Goonjar, Complexity looks as if all players can finally get on the same page and challenge top teams. They looked like they could finish top three last Stage, but internal fighting caused them to tail off in the last five weeks(2-8 over that span).

7 –  130px-team_solomidlogo_square Team SoloMid – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
TSM finished Stage 1 Regular Season with three 1-1 weeks to narrowly avoid relegation. They showed up against Optic at Stage 1 Finals, only to losing in game seven. No team changes for TSM. They could surprise people this stage with a top five finish.

8 –130px-luminosity_gaming_logo Luminosity – Replays, Saints, Study, TeePee
Luminosity traded out John for Study over the off season. From the outside this doesn’t seem like much of an improvement, but Study is very talented. He’s been on pro league teams in the past and almost qualified with Team Liquid.  He can be inconsistent at times so if he can stay solid throughout the Stage, Luminosity can be a real contender for top 4.

9 – 130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
They won three of four final games including wins against Luminosity and Envyus but it wasn’t enough to avoid relegation. The team rallied around Killa at relegation to win a game seven against Cloud 9 Eclipse. The team almost made two changes but those quickly fell apart and the same roster from last Stage is back.

10 –130px-h2k-gaminglogo_squareH2K – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
This team has preformed well on LAN with a 3rd/4th finish at UMG SC and reverse sweeping a dominant looking Team Liquid in relegation to save their league spot. Unfortunately for them. this league is online. H2K finished Stage 1 on a six match losing streak so time will tell if they can rise out of the bottom four.

11 –130px-cloud9logo_square Cloud 9 – Happy, Havok, LlamaGod, Mochila
Cloud 9 is the highest rated newcomer to the league. It’s hard to place them much higher until they’ve proven that they can hang with the other league teams. They did defeat CLG 4-1 in relegation so Cloud 9 just might be able to take down some top teams.

12 – hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(King Papey) – Examples, Johnny, Nelson, Royalty
Best team in the CWL now that it’s Nadeshot’s organization /s. King Papey defeated Team Kaliber in a controversial series as Goonjar was replaced with Mboze on tK due to visa issues. It was 4-2 as King Papey dropped both Uplink and CTF. They could struggle mightily if those modes aren’t fixed.


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