North American Stage 1 Finals Preview

The 2016 North American Call of Duty World League Stage One Finals is just around the corner. The top eight teams from the eleven week season will compete for their share of $250,000 and the title of best team in North America. But only one team really has a chance… right?

It’s hard to argue against the idea that Optic Gaming is the best team in the world right now. They finished with the best record in all of the CWL(20-2) and could have easily gone undefeated. But if you were to try to say that they weren’t the best team(which I wouldn’t recommend doing #GreenWall), then you could say that Optic is an online team. There has been two lans so far and Optic finished second and fifth-eighth which is unheard of after dominating the past year. Both lans were won by the same team, and their color is red. No not that red.

Rise Nation came out of no where in the first four months of Black Ops 3 and quickly rose to the top. They started off the year by winning the Totino’s Invitational. A strong second place(16-6) finish in the Stage 1 Regular Season and taking first at UMG South Carolina puts this team in contention with Optic for the top dog in the world. Sam ‘Octane’ Larew finished third in KDR over Stage 1, only behind two Optic players. He is one of the top Assault Rifle players in the game so keep an eye of for him this weekend.

Those aren’t the only teams to look out for though. From an outsider’s perspective, there is no reason that any other team should win. These two teams have proven that they’re the best of the best but this is a single elimination tournament. How often does everything go as planned?

Team Envyus is currently in awful form losing five of their last six regular season matches with some roster controversy focused around Aches. According to Envyus, he willingly sat our some matches to allow their sub Havok to get enough matches played to be qualified to play as a sub at the playoffs. This story is questioned because of some now deleted tweets by team captain JKap. He said how he wished he could tell the real story. Despite being at the top of the league midway through the season, don’t expect much from Envyus this weekend.

Dark horse teams to look out for are Complexity and Luminosity. These teams are full of proven veterans who can go off at any moment. Parasite and Mirx of Complexity and Replays of Luminosity all have World Championship rings so they know what it takes to win.

Final Placing Predictions

1 Optic

2 Luminosity

3/4 Elevate, Faze

5/8 TSM, Envyus, Rise Nation, Complexity



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