MLG Anaheim 2016 Preview

On June 10-12th, over 100 teams will meet at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, to battle for the first MLG Championship since October last year, 10,000 CWL Pro Points and $100,000. The twelve NA CWL teams will be met in group play by the top four placings amateur and international teams who will be fighting through the open bracket.

Event Format
12 NA CWL Teams , 96 Amateur/International Teams
Double Elimination Open Bracket into Group Play and Championship Bracket
-Each Group is 3 NA CWL Teams + 1 Team From Open Bracket

130px-opticOptic Gaming(A) – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
130px-cloud9logo_squareCloud 9(A) – Assault, Happy, Havok, LlamaGod
130px-team_solomidlogo_squareTeam SoloMid(A) – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
130px-riseRise Nation(B) – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
130px-h2k-gaminglogo_square2H2K(B) – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(B) – Aches, Johnny, Remy, Royalty
130px-faze_clanlogo_squareFaze Clan(C) – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
130px-elvTeam Elevate(C) – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Felony
130px-luminosity_gaming_logoLuminosity(C) – Nameless, Saints, Spacely, Study
130px-nvTeam Envyus(D) – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team(D) – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
130px-complexity_gaminglogo_squareComplexity(D) – Goonjar, Mirx, Parasite, Ricky

Notable Challenger and International Teams
130px-team_infusedlogo_squareTeam Infused(EU) – MarkyB, Peatie, Urban, Zero
130px-milleniumlogo_squareMillenium(EU) – Jurd, MadCat, Swanny, Tommey
130px-splycelogo_square2Splyce(EU) – Bance, Joee, Joshh, Rated
300px-cloud9_eclipselogo_squareCloud9 Eclipse – Dedo, Silly, Swarley, Maux
300px-echo_foxlogo_squareEcho Fox – Cyborg, Neslo, Proofy, Sinful
300px-tkTeam Kaliber – Califa, Holler, Theory, Xotic
300px-lg_logoTeam Lethal – Examples, Johnny, Myagi, Mochila

Bold Predictions
An international team will win the event – All of the international teams could contend and upset American teams because of unfamiliar play styles and raw unexpected skill.
Faze Clan will bomb out – The team played very poorly at their last two LAN events.
Echo Fox will challenge top teams – Proofy and Neslo want to prove that they are still top players despite not bring in the CWL.
Parasite will return to glory – He hasn’t won a major event since UMG Nashville 2014 but has a chance to surprise everyone. CompLexity/Evil Geniuses has also won to last two Anaheim events.

The stream can be viewed on the MLG Twitch Channel.

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NA CWL Week 6 Power Rankings

1(-) 130px-opticOptic Gaming(8-2) – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
[3-1 dT, 3-2 Faze]

2(-) 130px-riseRise Nation(7-3) – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
[2-3 nV, 3-1 H2K]

3 (+1130px-faze_clanlogo_squareFaze Clan(7-2) – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
[3-0 TSM, 2-3 OG]

4(-1130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team(6-4) – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
[2-3 eLv, 1-3 OG]

5(-) 130px-h2k-gaminglogo_square2H2K(6-4) – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
[3-1 100T, 1-3 Rise]

6(+1130px-nvTeam Envyus(6-4) – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
[3-2 Rise, 1-3 coL]

7(-1130px-elvTeam Elevate(6-4) – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Felony
[3-2 dT, 3-2 100T]

8(+2130px-luminosity_gaming_logoLuminosity(4-6) – Nameless, Saints, Spacely, Study
[3-0 TSM, 3-1 C9]

9(-1130px-cloud9logo_squareCloud 9(4-6) – Assault, Happy, Havok, LlamaGod
[3-1 coL, 1-3 LG]

10(-1130px-complexity_gaminglogo_squareComplexity(3-7) – Goonjar, Mirx, Parasite, Ricky
[1-3 C9, 3-1 nV]

11(-) hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(2-8) – Aches, Johnny, Remy, Royalty
[1-3 H2K, 2-3 eLv]

12(-) 130px-team_solomidlogo_squareTeam SoloMid(1-9) – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
[0-3 LG, 0-3 Faze]

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TeePee retires from Competitive Call of Duty

Black Ops III has taken another one of the Call of Duty greats away from us. Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow has announced today that he will no longer be competing and joins Replays, Merk, and Sharp as legends that have hung up the controller this year. He was moved to substitute for Luminosity and replaced by Nameless yesterday. In his post he said how he was no longer enjoying the game as much as he used to.

Anyone that has been a regular in my stream the past year and a half or so could probably identify that my passion and love for the game has been slowly diminishing over the past few games. This has been fueled by a complex combination of poor results, horrible team chemistry, blatant disrespect, and many empty promises made by different people in the community that I simply do not wish to be a part of anymore. I have tried my hardest for all of these years to not complain, not put anybody down and be a good role-model and teammate for the many people that are involved with CoD E-sports and hopefully that didn’t go unnoticed. Hopefully people in the community can try and take a page out of my book and try and be better to each other because there are many things that our community still does wrong in that regard. – TeePee

He also stated that he wanted to stay in the community and is looking for a role that better suits him such as casting. TeePee won over 20 events and was one of the members of the Complexity/Evil Geniuses dynasty where he won the Call of Duty Championship in 2014.

Source: Twitlonger Post

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NA CWL Week 5 Power Rankings

1(-) 130px-opticOptic Gaming(6-2) – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
[3-1 C9, 3-1 LG]

2(-) 130px-riseRise Nation(6-2) – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
[3-0 100T, 3-0 coL]

3(-) 130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team(6-2) – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
[0-3 nV. 3-0 H2K]

4 (-) 130px-faze_clanlogo_squareFaze Clan(6-2) – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
[3-1 H2K, 3-2 eLv]

5(-) 130px-h2k-gaminglogo_square2H2K(5-3) – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
[1-3 Faze, 0-3 dT]

7(+1130px-nvTeam Envyus(5-3) – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
[3-0 dT, 3-1 100T]

6(-1130px-elvTeam Elevate(4-4) – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Felony
[3-1 LG, 2-3 Faze]

8(-) 130px-cloud9logo_squareCloud 9(3-5) – Happy, Havok, LlamaGod, Mochila
[1-3 OG, 3-1 TSM]

9(-) 130px-complexity_gaminglogo_squareComplexity(2-6) – Goonjar, Mirx, Nameless, Ricky
[0-3 Rise, 3-1 TSM]

10(-130px-luminosity_gaming_logoLuminosity(2-6) – Saints, Spacely, Study, TeePee
[1-3 eLv, 1-3 OG]

11(-) hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(2-6) – Examples, Johnny, Nelson, Royalty
[0-3 Rise, 1-3 nV]

12(-) 130px-team_solomidlogo_squareTeam SoloMid(1-7) – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
[1-3 C9, 1-3 coL]

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Optic Gaming wins Americas Minor

Despite looking like the clear favorite to win the event, Tempo Storm falls to Optic Gaming in the Grand finals of the ESL Cologne Americas Major 2-1. Optic was able to come back and win Train and Nuke after losing Tempo Storm’s pick, Dust II. Optic went 8-2 in map count in the tournament and only dropped three rounds in group play. They also went 4-1 against Tempo Storm including their earlier match up in the Winners Final.

Not all is lost for Tempo Storm though. Both of these teams have earned their spot at the ESL Cologne Offline Qualifiers in Katowice in June for a chance to qualify for the ESL Cologne Major in July.

Final Placings
1. ca Optic Gaming – Daps, Naf, Stanislaw, Rush, Mixwell ($30,000 + ESL Cologne Qual)
2. br Tempo Storm – Hen, Lucas, Shoowtime, Felps, Bolts ($15,000 + ESL Cologne Qual)
3. ca TSM – Semphis, FNS, Autimatic, Sick, Twistzz ($5,000)
4. usa Selfless Gaming– Uber, Mainline, Relyks, Nifty, Mitch
5-6. usa NRG eSports – Gob B, Legija, PTR, Just9n, Silent
5-6. br Winout – Nak, Bit, Destinyy, PKL, Yel
7-8. ca Team Kaliber – No_One, APE, Brehze, DSR, Ocean
7-8. usa Winterfox – Lex, Anger, Xp3, Flowsick, Hades

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NA CWL Week 4 Power Rankings

The NA Call of Duty World League Pro Division is back in full swing after a week break for ESWC travels. That break could be the key for slow starting teams to start making their way back up the standings.

1(+1130px-opticOptic Gaming(4-2) – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
[3-0 coL, 3-1 TSM]

2(-1130px-riseRise Nation(4-2) – Classic, Loony, Octane, Slacked
[3-1 Faze, 2-3 dT]

3(+2130px-dreamteamlogo_squareDream Team(5-1) – Diabolic, Chino, Killa, Sender
[3-1 100T, 3-1 Rise]

4 (-1130px-faze_clanlogo_squareFaze Clan(4-2) – Attach, Clayster, Enable, Zooma
[1-3 Rise, 3-0 nV]

5(+2130px-h2k-gaminglogo_square2H2K(5-1) – Fears, Lacefield, Legal, Phizzurp
[3-0 C9, 3-0 LG]

6(-) 130px-elvTeam Elevate(3-3) – Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen, Felony
[3-2 TSM, 3-1 C9]

7(-2130px-nvTeam Envyus(3-3) – Apathy, John, Jkap, Slasher
[0-3 Faze, 3-1 LG]

8(+1130px-cloud9logo_squareCloud 9(2-4) – Happy, Havok, LlamaGod, Mochila
[0-3 H2K, 1-3 eLv]

9(-1130px-complexity_gaminglogo_squareComplexity(1-5) – Goonjar, Mirx, Nameless, Ricky
[0-3 OG, 1-3 100T]

11(+1130px-luminosity_gaming_logoLuminosity(2-4) – Saints, Spacely, Study, TeePee
[0-3 H2K, 1-3 nV]

11(+1) hundred_thieveslogo_square2Hundred Thieves(2-4) – Examples, Johnny, Nelson, Royalty
[1-3 dT,3-1 coL]

12(-2130px-team_solomidlogo_squareTeam SoloMid(1-5) – ColeChan, Ivy, Pacman, Whea7s
[2-3 eLv, 1-3 OG]

*Also expect less articles over the summer. I’ve started a full time job and will have less free time until the and of August.

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HCS Pro League NA Summer Qualifier Recap

Eight HCS Pro League hopefuls met in Burbank, California, on May 8th at the ESL Studios for a chance to compete in Halo’s first official online pro league. Favorites Optic Gaming and Team Envyus were joined by Allegiance, Soul Red, Team Liquid, Enigma 6, Denial and Renegades.

The teams would be separated into two groups of four. Those groups would then play a double elimination bracket where the top two teams would qualify for the NA HCS Pro League Summer Split and the bottom two would have to try again in another qualifier.

Group A
Optic Gaming clutch up in the last map against Renegades while Denial was swept Enigma 6 to set up a rematch from PAX just a few weeks earlier. E6 got their revenge over Optic and qualify for the pro league. Renegades took down Denial and finally over came Optic to claim their league spot.

Group B
Allegiance took down newly formed Soul Red and Team Envyus defeated Team Liquid to set up the winners bracket finals. Allegiance would take the win and claim their spot in the league. Liquid defeated Soul Red to challenge Envyus again in the loser bracket finals but Envyus once again had their way with Liquid.

HCS Pro League

The bottom four teams will still have one more chance to qualify. Open Qualifiers next week on May 14th-15th will determine the top teams that will fight for the final two league spots in the Last Chance Qualifier on May 21st-22nd. The regular season will begin in early June and last through July. The top teams will then compete at the Season Finals to be crowned the best in North America.

Qualified Teams so Far
130px-counter_logic_gaming_profileCounter Logic Gaming(HWC Champions)
300px-egEvil Geniuses(PAX Champions)
300px-enigma6Enigma 6
300px-allegiance_blackTeam Allegiance
130px-nvTeam Envyus

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